For Parents

The Internet provides a world of learning opportunities for children and young people and technology is playing more and more of a role in their daily lives.

However, the Internet also provides opportunities for those who wish to collect personal information about young users to try and steal that personal information and also the personal and financial information of parents, guardians and caregivers.

Here are some simple steps to take to try and keep children and young people safe online:

Spend time together with your child and explore the Internet together and visit sites that are fun and entertaining and discuss the positive and negative issues around the Internet together.

Agree rules with your child and make sure they know they understand them. You can discuss how long they can use the Internet, discuss that personal information stays personal and is not shared or told to other people or friends, and make sure that the adults play by the same rules as the child!

Make sure your child knows that they should always talk to a responsible adult before revealing their telephone number or name online or submitting a photograph. Children need to be told that once that information is on the Internet they cannot control who sees that information or how it is used by others.

Let your child show you what they like doing online. Let them show you the websites they visit and how they spend their time on the website. It’s important information for you to know without asking them directly.